Pay your electricity and water bills in Odisha

You can pay your electricity bill or water bill online, this service is provided by the Odisha Government through its online Odisha portal. Users need to select either water or electricity bill to continue with payment method.

The website is operated by Odisha (herein after referred to as OdishaOnline ). OdishaOnline, like any other web portal is an interactive portal, which combines information content and interactive web services into one single fabric. This portal is meant primarily for the citizens/businesses of the state of Odisha. Through OdishaOnline, the citizen has comprehensive access to information content and web services through a single window. Through Portal the citizens can avail a wide variety of services like registrations, issue
 of certificates, utility services, payments services. In addition, regularly updated information about matters of general concern to the citizens is available for access through the portal.

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