Duplicate Passport Copy

Duplicate Passport:

Duplicate passports get issued from the passport office in case the passport is being lost by you or it got damaged.

Duplicate passports are also issued in case of the stolen passports.

How to Get Duplicate Passport Application:

The application for the duplicate passport can also be filled online by visiting the official website for passport and that is www.pasport.gov.in. The application n.1 is to be filled for this purpose.

The application form for applying the duplicate passport can be downloaded from the website link http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm.

You can download the application form for duplicate passport in either of the two languages Hindi or English.

In case of offline method you can get the application no.1 from the passport office counter.

Documents Required For Duplicate Passport Application:

The list of the documents required at the time of applying for duplicate passport in case of the damaged or lost passport is given below.

The original copy of FIR report

First four and last four pages of old passport.

In case of change in address the copy of address proof.

Fee Structure of Duplicate Passport Application:

The fee details for applying for the duplicate passport are as follows:

Duplicate passports having 36 pages, the fees will be Rs.2500.

Duplicate passports having 60 pages, the fees will be Rs.3000.

The amount of fees for the purpose of application of duplicate passport online can be paid by way of cash or the bank draft.

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