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Delhi Jal Board was constituted through an Act of Delhi Legislative Assembly on 6th April 1998. It has been meeting the needs of potable water in the NationalCapital Territory of delhi for more than five decades. Delhi Jal Board has been able to supply pure and wholesome filtered water to the capital city of India which has grown phenomally to the present population of more than 160 lakh. Delhi Jal Board is committed for the augmentation of water supply in Delhi and has taken many steps in this direction. Delhi Jal Board has ensured average availability of 50 gallons per capita per day of filtered water through an efficient network of water treatment plants, booster pumping stations and about 9000 kms of water mains & distribution system.

Delhi Jal Board (Water Bills) - New Delhi

RMS (Revenue Management System) is a solution for the automation of Collection, Billing, Metering functions of Delhi Jal Board. It is designed, developed and maintained by TCS. As part of this project, The consumers of DJB will have access to lot of services including SMS Facility, Online Payment, Online application submission along with grievance raising and application tracking. RMS system will help in improving the process efficiency so as to provide the consumers of DJB with better services. With the help of RMS, The Consumers of DJB will have access to the following services which are available on internet. 

Following Services are provided by RMS:-

1)  Online application submission for New Connection/Mutation/Disconnection/Re-Opening. 
2)  Viewing latest bills and receipts. 
3)  Finding new KNO. 
4)  Online application submission of Mutation. 
5)  Online bill payment. 
6)  Application status tracking. 
7)  Downloading and Viewing forms. 
8)  Tariff structure. 
9)  Grievance registration. 
10)  Tracking grievance status. 
11)  Profile update. 
12)  Submission of application for Disconnection. 

Click Below Link for printing or viewing duplicate bill of DJB:- 

RMS Portal is a one Stop Place for Delhi Jal Board Consumers for all their needs. Consumers can
  • Apply online for New Water or Sewerage connection
  • Request for Disconnection or Reopening onlin
  • Raise Mutation request online
  • View Bill details and make Payment
  • Raise Grievance and Track Status
New touch points are being introduced for consumer interaction
  • Web/Portal
  • Bills on Emails
  • SMS Alerts
  • Helpdesk
Handheld devices will be introduced to facilitate Meter Reading, Spot Billing at the consumer premise
  • New modes of collection introduced - Net Banking, Credit and Debit cards
The objective of implementing Revenue Management System at DJB is:
  • To revamp revenue management.
    • Deliver services efficiently and effectively to key beneficiaries.
    • Support decision-making by making information and knowledge readily available and accessible.
    • Empower employees with necessary information so as to inculcate service and customer orientation.
    • To ensure the timely completion of the billing process as per the DJB billing cycle.
  • To Increase billing and collections efficiency.
    • Ensure systems are easy to use so as to widen the coverage of billing and collection.
    • Ensure cost-effectiveness of IT interventions so as to achieve optimal return of investment.
  • To ensure the enhancing of consumer base in the city and maintaining the data base.
  • To generate the MIS reports for the management for a better monitoring & decision making.
This portal Revenue Management System, Delhi Jal Board which let you to do the following :-

  • Know New KNO
  • View/Print Latest Bill
  • View Balance & Last Receipt
  • Bill Pay Options
  • Pay Online
  • Apply for New Connection
  • Apply for Mutation
  • Track Application Status
  • Download Centre

  • Delhi Jal Board(DJB) FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Under which categories / uses does the DJB give sanction for water supply? What are the categories of consumers with DJB?

    DJB sanctions water connections to consumers under four classifications/categories depending upon the nature of the use of premises or use of water: -

    1. Category-A (Domestic):- For Domestic Purpose.

    2. Category-B (Non-Domestic/Mixed):- Mainly used for domestic purpose but having such commercial activity in part of property where non intensive use of water is there.

    3. Category-C (Commercial/Industrial):- Such premises where extensive use of water like Dhaba,
    Restaurants and Factories etc. exists.

    4. Category D:- Property having area > 2000 Sq Yards having rainwater harvesting/waste water
    recycling or both.

    02. Which type of consumers are covered under Category-A (Domestic) ?    

    Following are the examples of connections under the Category-A (Domestic) :-
    1. Premises used for residence.
    2. Hostels of Educational Institutions of the Government, working women’s hostels run by the Government.
    3. Govt. recognized destitute homes, orphanage, charitable homes, blind schools, Schools for physically handicapped persons, spastic children.
    4. Piaos meant for drinking purposes.
    5. Place of worship, cremation grounds, cemetery.

    03. Which type of consumers are covered under Category-B (Mixed Use)?

    1. Applicable to the residential premises where commercial use co-exists in the part of premises and the water use is non-intensive such as in case of Kiryana shop, stationery shop, telephone booth etc.
    2. Not applicable in case of residential premises where water use is intensive like in case of sweet meat shop, Dhaba etc. being run in the part of the residence.

    04. Which type of consumers are covered under Category-C ?
     All other category of consumers who are not covered either in DOMESTIC CATEGORY (CATEGORY-I) or MIXED USE CATEGORY (CATEGORY-IA)

    05. Which type of Consumers are covered under Category-D?

    For properties having 2000Sq. yards or more plot size area, provision of 10% rebate on total bill amount if any of the two services i.e. Rain Water Harvesting or Waste Water Recycling exist in functional form and 15% if both exists, which is required to be certified as functional by the ZE concerned. 

    06. If in a residential property, there is also non- residential use of the property, would the DJB still charge the consumer at domestic rate? 

    It will depend upon the use of water. If non intensive use of water is there in commercial activities, DJB will treat it under Cat. IA e.g. office of property dealers, shops, Atta Chakki, doctors clinic etc.

    07. In Group Housing Societies, does the DJB sanction individual household connections?
    No individual water connection in group housing society.

    08. Are all the water connections required to have meters?
    Yes, as DJB intends for 100% metered supply.

    09. In the case of un-metered connections, what is the basis of the billing?

    For un-metered connections, the department charges at a flat rate of consumption of 22 Kl per month for domestic use. In Rural areas @ 22 KL per month and 10 KL per month per floor in JJ resettlement colonies. If the meter read average or the previous consumption is not available, then the billing will happen on the basis of plot area which is 22 KL for less than or equal to 200 sq yards, and 33 KL for more than 200 Sq yards for domestic category only.

    10. Is it essential that meters are installed by the DJB only? From where can I get my own meter installed? Which are the permissible meters? 

    A meter can be installed by the consumer also by purchasing meters of specifications as permitted by the DJB.

    11. What are the specifications of the approved meters?

    The specification of approved / permissible domestic meters are: - 15mm, class B, multi-jet, inferential type, magnetically coupled conforming to the IS: 779/1994 and the body of the meter shall be brass/ bronze as per IS: 779/1994. Meter should have the Manufacturer's Test Certificate and Test Certificate.

    12. Who can apply for new water connection?

    Any resident of Delhi - Owner of premises/Tenant/Occupier who has valid identity as proof of residence/ownership.

    13. What are the requirements for sanction of new water connection?
    Any resident of Delhi can apply for water connection to DJB (except in the area under the control of NDMC and Delhi Cantonment Board) subject to the following conditions:-
    1. • The colony where the applicant resides should have been taken over by the DJB for water supply.
      • It is technically and legally feasible to supply water.

      • The applicant should have proof of residence like Ration Card, Voter's Identity Card, Ownership proof or NOC from the owner of the house, if the applicant is tenant / occupier.
      • The premises for which the water connection is applied for must have no arrears of previous dues on account of water charges etc. 

    14. Where can one get an application form for new water connection?

    The application form is available at every office of Zonal Revenue Officer of DJB (Annexure – ‘I') at a nominal fee of Rs.10 towards the cost of the form and processing fee. One can visit DJB consumer portal from where the form can also be downloaded. At the time of depositing the payment for new connection, Rs. 10/- is required to be deposited along with it if the form is downloaded from the site. The application forms can be submitted, on all working days in the office of concerned Zonal Revenue Officer. 

    15. Can a person obtain more than one water connection for the same premise? 
    Yes, subject to technical and legal feasibility. 

    16. What are the charges for obtaining a new water connection?   
    1. The following charges are required to be paid at the time of sanction of water connections: - (i) Opening fee Rs. 250/-
      (ii) Water Advance Domestic Rs. 100/-Non-domestic

      (a) Water connection of size 15mm Rs. 200/-
      (b) Water connection of size 25mm and above Rs.1000/- (iii) Occupier Security (In case of tenant/occupier) Category-A (Domestic)Rs.250/-
      Category-B (Mix Used) Rs 250/-
      Category-C (Non-Domestic) Rs 500/-
      Category-D Rs. 500/-
      (iv) Road Restoration Charges depending upon the road length that is required to be cut. (v) Meter security if meter is provided by the department.

      (vi) Trade Security in case of non-domestic category connection.
      (vii) Water Development charges, wherever applicable. Villages and bonafide residents of extended area of village under Lal Dora are exempted from depositing development charges for domestic use. Besides villages, re-settlement colonies are also exempt from payment of development charges.

      For More Questions and Answers, please click here  and are the only Official websites of Delhi Jal Board. Consumers are advised to access these two websites directly for any information, online applications or transactions and never through links provided by any other website. To track the status of New Connection file, Please click

      Selection of System Integrator for Revenue Management System 2.0
      Draft Water Policy for Delhi
      Discussion on scope of work for operation & maintance of Revenue Management System-II for DJB
      Approved /Empanelled list of 15mm SIZE, IS-779:1994 Multijet, Inferential type, class `B`, with IP 68 protection Meters.
      RWH Guidline-Eng
      DJB's mSeva TVC
      DJB's mSeva Tutorial
      Summer Action Plan (SAP) Booklet 2016
      Delhi Water Conservation Act 2016
      Wazirabad Waste Water Recycling Plant

      Water Meter Issues
      Review of Infrastructure charges and Development Charges for Commercial Consumer.
      Scheme of waiver of 100 percent LPSC due on accumulated arrears in respect of Commercial Connection
      List of the vendors of the empanelled Water Meters with Delhi Jal Board
      To register grievances related to Delhi Jal Board, please call on Toll Free Number 1916
      Delhi Jal Boards Packaged Drinking Water Bottling Plant
      Schedule for meeting with different RWA
      Important Phone Numbers for Complaints Redressal
      Public Monitoring of Drinking Water Tanker
      Schedule of water tankers
      Timing of Water supply in Delhi

      For Complaints, Please Call Our 24*7 Toll free Helpline No. 1916


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