Brihan Mumbai Duplicate Bill and Bill Payment Online

Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking
Duplicate Bill and Bill Payment Online

About The Company:

The Tata Power Companies (TPC) and the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) have their generating stations located in different parts of Maharashtra State and form an interconnected transmission system grid in the Mumbai-Pune region. Electric Power from this system is transmitted at 220/110kV through overhead conductors and underground cables amongst others to TPC’s sub-stations at Carnac, Parel, Dharavi,Backbay & Mahalaxmi. From here power is made available to BEST at 110/33/22kV. 

The BEST Undertaking on behalf of BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (who are the licensees for the distribution of electric power within the City Limits of Mumbai) receives power in bulk from the TPCs. At 110 / 33 / 22kV, 3 Phase, 50Hertz.

BrihanMumbai  Duplicate Bill and Bill Payment Option

1. BrihanMumbai  Duplicate Bill

Billing Center:

Arrangement for collecting the bill amount are made through Banks. Bill collection Centers & also by operating Mobile Bill collecting van. The list of collection centers are given below. Arrangements are also made to accept bills by cheques which may be posted to the concerned departments or deposited in special boxes provided at all bill collection centers. The acknowledgement of such payment is made in the subsequent bill. The consumer should note that he should intimate to B.E.S.T. about less consumption of electric energy while going out of station. 

Download the Billing centre Details

 Mobile Bill collection centre:
To print and view your monthly usage of bill amount of BrihanMumbai , you need to follow this instruction which is given below:

2. BrihanMumbai  Bill Payment

Following Steps to perform Quick Online Payment for BrihanMumbai :- 

  • Go to Official Bill Payment Vidushi 5.0 Quick Pay URL:
  • Please enter Consumer number in the box
  • Click Go

    Note: Consumer Number should be entered without special characters. Example : 111-222-333* should be entered as 111222333 Please Register there to view or change account related details and view duplicate bill To search customer by power supply address, click here To change your contact details please login there.

    BEST electricity bill payment through RTGS/NEFT. 

    BEST Undertaking has introduced the facility to pay electricity bill through RTGS/NEFT for BEST’s electricity consumers. M/s.Citi Bank has provided payment gateway for implementation of the said facility. Individual consumers, Consumers billed under group authority code and Government/MCGM consumers can use this facility and pay the electricity bills using RTGS/NEFT through their banks. Consumers are requested to follow the below mentioned procedure and to instruct their banker to remit the Electricity Bills payment through RTGS/NEFT by giving following particulars.

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If you have any enquries and complaint related to DGVCL, you can reach 24x7 customer support toll free number on: 
Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking 
Electric House, 
BEST Marg, 
Colaba, Mumbai - 400 001 
Tel : 2285 6262  ext : 395/396

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