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Jharkhand State Electricity Board On 15th Nov, 2000 the Land of Lord Birsa Munda emerged as a new State which named as Jharkhand, which filed up the inhabitants of the state with great Joy. Since independence, the people of Jharkhand who are residing in remote places had not seen the light of civilization which actually comes through the new Carrier "Electricity". Immediately after the new state was constituted on 10th Jan, 2001 the state of Jharkhand announced constitution, of Jharkhand State Electricity Board to take up all activities for electrification of the whole state. On 16th Mar, 2001 the Government of Jharkhand appointed the Chairman and member of Jharkhand State Electricity Board and the first Board took up its work with great enthusiasm.

On 22.03.2001 the Ministry of Power, Government of India permitted the new Board to be functional w.e.f. 01.04.2001. Since this new Board was carved out from existing Bihar State Electricity Board on the Ministry of Power Government of India allowed its officers and employees who were working in the territorial jurisdiction of Jharkhand to be the employees and officers of Jharkhand State Electricity Board as is where basis. Since that day all officers and employees are giving themselves for every cause of the new state which is required for development of the state in the area of Electricity. The new Board inherited the age old thermal generation Power Station at Patratu which had already outlived its life and another generating station at Sikidiri known as Swarnrekha Hydel Project. So far Distribution infrastructure is concerned, though there was distribution infrastructure in few industrial areas, but those were not capable to bear the ever growing demand of electricity. Mentionable that after creation of new state, demand of electricity in every town and specially in capital city Ranchi increased many folds, and to meet the supply the new Board took it positively as a challenged; which can be gathered from the fact that the demand in the Ranchi town in the year 2000 was 80 MW which has now grown up to 200 MW in the year 2008 and so is the status of demand in the whole state which is 800 MW today as compared to 200 MW in the year 2000.

Modes of Bill Payment

Online Duplicate Bill Payment
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DVC emerged as a culmination of attempts made over a whole century to control the wild and erratic Damodar River.

Kenya Power Duplicate Bill


E-bill is an electronic bill querying service from Kenya Power. It allows you to check your electricity account balance and bill due date any time, by SMS or e-mail.

How E-bill Works

E-bill SMS Service
The E-bill SMS service allows you to query your electricity account balance and bill due date using your mobile phone. Follow these easy steps:
  1. Open a new SMS message.
  2. Type the first part of your account number in the message field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.
  3. Send this message to 95551.
  4. In a few seconds you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details. This service works for Kenyan networks. It is charged at Kshs. 5/- above the normal SMS rates.
E-bill e-mail Service
The E-bill e-mail service enables you to check your electricity account balance and bill due date via e-mail. Here are the simple steps to follow:
  1. Open a new e-mail message.
  2. Type the first part of your account number in the subject field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.
  3. Email the blank message to bill(at) Within a few minutes you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details and payment due date.
It is important to key in the correct account number and follow the procedure of sending the message in order to get a positive response. Also note that despite the introduction of E-bill services, your detailed electricity bill will continue to be dispatched through your postal address.

Pay Your Bill

Convenient ways to pay your bill

Contact Details: Kenya Power  95551, 0703-070 707, 0732-170 170
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Duplicate Train Tickets Copy

  • In case the railway ticket is lost, torn, misplaced or mutilated and the reservation status of that ticket is reserved and the individual has applied for the duplicate copy of that ticket before the reservation chart preparation, in that case the station master can issue the ticket in duplicate after deposition of the per passenger clearage charge by that individual.
  • In case the individual applied for the duplicate ticket due to the misplace of the original ticket after the reservation chart preparation than in that case the charges for the duplicate ticket will be 50% of the total fare amount. In case of RAC tickets no duplicate tickets are to be issued after the reservation chart preparation.
  • In case of the mutilated, torn tickets or RAC tickets the duplicate ticket will be issued after the payment of 25% of the total fare of the original ticket.
  • In case the misplaced or lost ticket is traced out than in that case no money that has been charged for the issuance of the duplicate ticket will be refund. However if that ticket is traced out and is presented at the time of the issuing of the duplicate ticket and the train has not departed than in that case the money is refundable. The charges taken for the issuing of the duplicate ticket will be refunded after the deduction of 5% of the total charge levied. The minimum deduction is of 5% or Rs.20 which ever is greater. If the journey has not been undertaken and the ticket is cancelled than in that case according to the refund rules the cancellation charges are refunded.
  • In case any passenger paid any excess charges during journey on train for his reserved ticket, lost ticket, mutilated or misplaced, RAC ticket than in that case he can move the application to the Chief Commercial Manager(Refunds) of the Railway administration concerned for refunding the extra charges paid during journey in train. The officer may decide the matter and refund up to 50% of the fare per passenger retaining the remaining 50% amount, provided that no refund has been taken before over original ticket.
 Duplicate Ration Card Duplicate Ration Card Copy

To apply a ration card for the first time, there were some rules to be follow and the person who wants to apply the ration card for second time has to follow some few rules:
The offices of Assistant Food and Supplies, Inspector of Food and Supplies, and Office of District Food and Supplies Controller should be located first under jurisdiction of which the person is residing at the present time. 
The personnel who is responsible should have given all the procedures and guidelines. 
Following are the procedures:
D-I form should be collected.
It should be filled up duly.
This should be verified through the shop of Fair Price currently.
The ration number units and withdrawal of ration should be indicated on the top part of the application form by the FPS that is compulsory.
After completion of this, in the office where the form has been collected should be submitted.
The photos of passport size should also be attached with the form at the time of application form submission. All members of family should have to submit the passport size photographs.
After completion of steps mentioned above, applicant should be given a slip.
This slip shows the date of collection of duplicate card by the applicant.  The issuance of card is from the office of collection of the application card.
About 2 weeks will be taken for the new ration card issuance.
At the time of duplicate ration card collection, a nominal fee should be given.


Duplicate Driving Licence Copy

There Is The Provision Of Obtaining The Duplicate Driving License In Case Of:
  • Lost
  • Mutilation
  • Destroyed
  • Torn
  • On the enquiry counter the application form in KMV 1 is available.
  • 3 latest photographs of passport size are required.
Fees: (Paid Over The Cash Counter Of RTO):
  • Rs.15.00 for Driving Liscense Book 
  • Rs. 215.00 for PVC Card of DL.
  • Affidavit by the applicant that has been sworn before any 1st class magistrate, notary or an executive magistrate regarding the lost of the driving license.
  • If the license are soiled/mutilated/torn than in that case it is necessary to get the license surrendered.
Where To File An Application?
The application from along with the above mentioned documents is to be submitted to the office of the Asst. R.T.O. (DL Branch). The time taken for the duplicate driving license is to be prescribed by the Asst. R.T.O.
Duplicate Voter ID Card Copy

For getting the duplicate voter ID card the form 001 is to be filled by which the person gets registration for getting the Voter ID card. After filling the form no.006 the name of the individual will be mentioned in the voters list. Both the forms 001 and 006 can be filled simultaneously.

In case of lost of the Voter ID card the person has to fill the form no.002. Before applying for the duplicate Voter ID card the person have to lodge the FIR in the police station of his area and have to take the copy of that FIR. During applying for duplicate PAN card the copy of FIR is to be attached.

The amount of Rs.25 is to be deposited to the office of the local Electoral Registration Office in the form of penalty. On the Election Day the individual must carry his voter ID card issued to him for the purpose of identification and voting.

Besides the copy of FIR regarding the lost of voter ID card certain other documents are also required like passport, driving license, ration card, pan card etc.

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